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We'll Solve all Your Storage
and Overstock Issues

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Let's Work Together

Vernon Fox Solutions Ltd was established in 2021, upon a foundation of brand and market leadership expertise, covering four decades of experience.

We have successfully established ourselves in the highly competitive field of e-commerce / re-commerce, generating a multi-million-pound turnover in our first year. That has been achieved through our fresh approach, innovative mindset, and industry leading standards of service. 


Our current geographic locations cover the Southeast, Southwest and Midlands, allowing us to service key regions within the UK. We have a total of 75,000 square feet of warehousing space to utilise, with a further 35,000 to call upon within our wider Group. 

Get in touch to discuss your needs and how our trusted and effective solutions can help your organisation.


We have developed a range of solutions where we can work closely with you to solve the issues of:

stock storage


One of our key, well-proven solutions, is that of storing your stock during the key ‘seek and return’ phase. Working closely with you, whilst storing your stock, we can search through and locate your customer items, rapidly and effectively. Getting those items back to you within agreed timeframes, we can help you add value to your overall customer experience and increase your volume of happy customers, ensuring their intended items get to them as quickly as possible. 


This service in turn, allows you and your team to focus on their key tasks, knowing you have us as a trusted and effective partner, working on your behalf. 



A persistent issue for some of our partners, is overstock. We have developed solutions to help them resolve those issues. We utilise our end to end re-commerce solutions, which call upon a variety of e-commerce routes and platforms. 


 You share from our success in selling your overstock.


Lean on our established expertise, solve key operating issues for your team and free up your space to increase your income and focus on driving your business


We have firmly established ourselves on a range of online platforms, where we successfully sell to an ever-increasing customer base. 


Our sales success is backed up with an excellent customer service reputation that sets us apart from our many competitors. 


Sales data utilisation allows us to identify those buyers potentially seeking your overstock goods. We will liaise with our established customers to ensure your stock offerings are available to them, quickly. 


That established success and notable reputation, becomes part of your success story too, once you partner with us. 

sales routes
direct purchase


If you prefer to sell off your overstock goods, provide an inventory and price expectation, from which we will agree the purchase of goods offered and quickly remove your overstock items. 


A quick solution to your unwanted inventory, free up valuable space and receive rapid payments and focus on your own growth.  


We are happy to do this on an ad-hoc basis or a more regular formal arrangement.



To respect their request for confidentiality, we have not disclosed specific details.




A Vernon Fox subsidiary, BCVA have a Top-Three global courier partner who, like most international parcel carriers, experienced a significant uplift in volumes as a result of  Brexit changes and the pandemic 


The knock on effect for BCVA was a substantial increase in incoming volumes of pallets and parcels to store, retrieve items for the courier and eventually sell surplus stock..  The level of surplus stock was significantly more than the current capacity of the business.


Vernon Fox moved quickly to expand the capacity to service the storage and retrieval needs of the courier business and established a new trading platform to reach retail clients not accessible to BCVA, which quickly established both an online auction house and a retail e-commerce operation to clear excess stock. The creation of that business helped to forge a new, successful and leading company within the online re-commerce space. 


This ensured that BCVA’s unprecedented volume issue was not only resolved, but turned into a success story that now employs 35+ team members nationally. 

A stand alone company that has developed expertise in this field and learned a lot along the way! Continuing to learn, that success story in being expanded and the success story with BCVA being replicated with other key partners. 


A problem solved, an opportunity created, a superb success story and one that is evolving. 


(Vernon Fox Trading and BCVA are fellow subsidiaries of Vernon Fox Solutions and one of the key sales channels utilised, as part of our overall solutions offerings). 

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


 52 Presley Way, Crownhill, Milton Keynes MK8 0ES, UK

0808 280 0078

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